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            Welcome to Hunan Saihe Biotechnology Co., Ltd. website!
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            About SaiHe

            Company Profile

            Hunan Saihe Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

            Saihe biology is a source production technology enterprise specializing in the screening, development, production and sales of natural daily chemical active raw materials. The company is committed to promoting plant functional raw materials and bioactive substances, providing efficient and stable solutions for skin care, hair care, cosmetics, daily washing and other manufacturers at home and abroad. The company keeps close cooperation with university professors, owns innovative returnee technical team, many years of terminal market development experience, stable raw material quality control system, and effective plant raw material database which is ahead of the industry.

            Saihe focuses on the development and production of functional skin-care active raw materials. It has established a professional product development team, constantly weeding out the old and bringing forth the new, controlling the raw material screening process of products, and improving the color, purity, solubility, safety uation and biological availability of daily chemical raw materials by modern technical means. It has abundant experience and mature technology products in many fields such as anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory plant materials, whitening and moisturizing plant materials, anti-aging plant materials, plant anti-bacterial and anti-corrosion materials, hair care plant materials and so on.

            Sai Wo cause

            Committed to natural active ingredients screening, extraction and application development, always standing in the position of customers, and constantly pursuing high safety and high efficiency products.
            Modern biotechnology is used to improve the bioavailability of active substance loaders.

            Sai Wo bio slogan "green essence, light the future", and strive to build the enterprise as the world's leading supplier of daily chemicals.


            Factory & Laboratory


            Service guarantee

            Saihe firmly believes that "green essence, light the future", and strive to build the company into the world's leading supplier of daily chemicals.

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