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            Usnea acid

            Usnea acid

            • 【Product Name】 Usnea acid
            • 【INCI Name】
            • 【C A S NO】 125-46-2
            • 【Specifications】 98%
            • 【Character】 light yellow powder
            Product Applications
            [plant source] Usnea diffracta vain.

            It is used for hemostasis, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, wound healing and caries prevention. It can also remove dental plaque and enhance human immunity. It has a good effect on oral ulceration and vaginitis. It is usually used as an additive in toothpaste and cosmetics. Usnic acid is a kind of broad-spectrum antibiotic approved by CTFA, which has a strong inhibitory effect on most Gram-positive bacteria. The concentration of 50 μ g · ml-1 can completely inhibit the growth of bacteria, and it is used as an efficient preservative in cosmetics. It can selectively inhibit the main bacteria Streptococcus which cause oral diseases and caries. It has curative effect on many skin diseases such as burn, infection and psoriasis.
            Cosmetics application
            As a broad-spectrum antibiotic, usnic acid has a significant inhibitory effect on most Gram-positive bacteria, which can completely inhibit the growth of bacteria and be used as a high-efficiency preservative in cosmetics; its effect on Malassezia shows that it can remove dandruff; its selective inhibitory effect on the main colony Streptococcus causing oral diseases and caries is better when used together with other anti-inflammatory agents. Coating acid has a physical system for urease activity, and also has a strong ability to combine with low-molecular-weight amines. Therefore, the salt odor effect is better than the common quaternary ammonium salt compounds (such as cetyltrimethylammonium bromide), with the concentration of 0.05% ~ 0.2% having a complete odor effect, which can be used for rod-shaped, powdery, liquid and other types; coating acid has anti-inflammatory properties, which can be used for a variety of skin diseases, such as purulent trauma, burns, skin infections. , psoriasis and so on, lichenic acid can inhibit protozoa, Trichomonas vaginalis and so on, especially in powder and ointment products instead of mycophenols.

            [test method] HPLC-UV external standard method for the determination of the content of usnic acid
            [storage instructions] strictly avoid light, low temperature and dry environment

            The information has not been uated by the State Food and drug administration, and the efficacy comes from patent, journal and customer uation, which is only for reference. Please contact our sales department for more efficacy applications, suggestions on adding amount, dissolution methods, etc.

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