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            • 【Product Name】 Naringenin
            • 【INCI Name】
            • 【C A S NO】 480-41-1
            • 【Specifications】 98%?
            • 【Character】 white powder
            Product Applications
            [plant source] citrus aurantii

            Naringin is the aglycone of naringin, which belongs to dihydroflavonoid compound. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, free radical scavenging, antioxidant, antitussive and expectorant, hypolipidemic, anticancer and anti-tumor, antispasmodic and choleretic, prevention and treatment of liver disease, inhibition of platelet coagulation, anti atherosclerotic and other functions. Naringin can be widely used in medicine, food and other fields. Enteric, dysentery and typhoid bacilli have strong antibacterial effect.
            Cosmetics application
            1. Inhibit the growth and activity of acne pathogenic bacteria for the prevention and treatment of acne
            2. It can effectively eliminate free radicals and has good antioxidant capacity.
            3. Combined with vitamin A, it can prevent and cure skin aging, dryness, wrinkles and whitening.

            [test method] HPLC-UV method for the determination of naringin (gb1886.260-2016)
            [storage instructions] strictly avoid light, low temperature and dry environment

            The information has not been uated by the State Food and drug administration, and the efficacy comes from patent, journal and customer uation, which is only for reference. Please contact our sales department for more efficacy applications, suggestions on adding amount, dissolution methods, etc.

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